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Raisins are harmless. ABUSE is not. MGTOW will save lives and what, your against that? Serious question, if we save one male from danger, isn’t that worth it? I’m not trying to convert you or anyone to MGTOW. I don’t care. What I do care about, is the abuse men and boys endure, and I point out those abuses. I advocate for boys and men to put themselves first and totally disregard the society that disregards them. If men want to wed or be disposable that’s fine too, as long as they don’t infer that on me and others who are NOT informed on likely life changing choices. You don’t like MGTOW. So? Who cares. Why do you even let it or me take up space, rent free in your mind? You see itsplaster, I do MGTOW. I post for MGTOW here, and many other sites, but not for you or your kind. You interject and that’s fine too I guess, but I don’t change my positions nor try to change your mind. I point out the inconsistency of the traditional ways of society. Simple. Women are a leisure class. It’s fact. So us MGTOW want nothing to do with them or their suitors. So of course we speak about them, why wouldn’t we? This thread is not about romance. It’s about anything that’s harmful to makes. We advocate males to turn their back on it. We don’t help women who need help because no one helps us. You can help all you want. Be a hero all you want. What is especially telling, is how you and many others are seemingly very reactionary to my advocacy for inaction. MGTOW don’t care what you do. Yet you do care what we do. Wha wha wha. Crying crying crying for us to just please please shut up. You say we are idiots,misogynist, little boys..etc…. cool. But why do you care? We becoming very popular and mainstream is on the horizon, you will see a lot more men and boys taking my stance. And if you don’t believe that than let us burn out. Truth always comes to light. I wouldn’t hold my breath tho.