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@masterplan I’m not religious at all. Not sure why you typed that. I don’t have my own kids and I sure wouldn’t take someone else’s to raise. So don’t worry about that. Although the most I’d say is “believe in yourself; respect yourself.” I wouldn’t talk bad about you. It’s wrong to put down a child’s parent out of spite. I wouldn’t tell her what to believe. I’d probably just ask her what she cared about in life rather than tell her what to care about. So, not sure what I’d do to damage her. Actually, I wouldn’t do anything inappropriate or try to influence her. She’s not my child.
I don’t know why you’re hurt. You talk shit about women all the time but you have a daughter. Who wouldn’t point that out to you? I don’t know your situation but I’m not surprised you blame her mom. Although the attitude you have towards females can’t be healthy when raising a girl. You’re worried about the cock carousel. Does she have value besides a vagina? It’s astounding you’d worry about the influence of others.