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Lord Wankdust

That member Isaiah has never been back. She joined a year ago, started this thread and has kinda left me hanging out by myself. Sort of all dressed up and nowhere to drain my spuds.
Undaunted I am going to finish this thread. I’ll commence with the sexy texting and anyone can join in and help me finish up. Though don’t make it too quick as its been a while and I wanna enjoy this properly. Be creative.

“oh yeah baby. I’m gonna glaze those love pillows with my special marinade. But first pull back that sticky gusset of yours and let the eel smell the clam chowder. Oh my look at those bearded clams chattering away and getting all slimey. My purple-headed sex eel is going in there once it gets a bit slimier. Let’s first get some attention to those bazongos, that white flakey stuff cascading down from your cleavage… is that mammary dandruff? Or is it just a dried conglomerate of Dutch Pudding from your mother’s monthly family Get-Together and Bukkake Barbecue? Anyhow there appears to be a Dutch Puddle crusted around your navel. It is very sexy and erotic… like everything we do Isaiah… maybe we should let your pet Alsatian stay and watch us… it is boning up and drooling watching us here… oh yeah slide those bacon rashers along my sausage baby… lets get greasy.”