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Cultural Marxism the Bugbear

Cultural Marxism is another fine compound term serving the purpose of unlocking the secrets of the universe to those who have taken the time to familiarise themselves with all that this term signifies. The term Cultural Marxism is not in use in academic circles in Europe, and those who are foolish enough to advocate the usage of this term in an academic context can count on their ostracisation. The situation is not quite the same in the US: in a country where a coquettish creature like Ayn Rand is considered a great philosopher, some scholars also have the audacity to approvingly use this term in their academic publications.

Cultural Marxism’s rise to fame as a hermeneutic device was courtesy of a Norwegian of a rather dubious repute, and this should make it plain why the academic usage of this term will always be frowned upon in Europe. Anders Behring Breivik is not only a mass-murderer; he is also the quintessential representative of a new generation of scholars. These scholars are all autodidacts, the Google search engine is their muse, Wikipedia their Bible, Youtube their pulpit, and copy-paste their revolutionary method of exegesis.

Breivik’s worldview is that of a sorcerer. This Norwegian’s highest achievement in life was the position of a customer service representative in a call-centre, he had no academic credentials, he was a failed businessman, and even his Ukrainian mail-order bride-to-be deemed him not good enough. While rotting away in a call-centre, Breivik came to realise that only a conspiracy of cosmic proportions could explain why his life was as wretched as it was. The coming to grips with this maleficent force required that Breivik make his descent into the very pit of hell. Dante had been guided by Beatrice during his terrifying journey, whereas Breivik had his Google.

Breivik identified Cultural Marxism as the cause of all his failures. Cultural Marxism was this metaphysical force that was destroying not only the society in which Breivik lived, but also engulfing his inner life in turmoil. Breiviks’s discoveries make it amply clear to us that the thought-patterns of the savage and the modern man are fundamentally the same. In primitive cultures we encounter demonic forces destroying anything that stands in their way and laying possession to the bodies of men. Cultural Marxism is endowed with similar powers: it causes havoc in society by fostering multiculturalism and it engenders feelings of guilt in the hearts of those who are critical of these developments.

What has preceded may come across as something of caricature, but this is not at all the case. It should be kept in mind here that even the most intricate philosophical systems admit of being encapsulated in the most rudimentary formulae, and in regard to the subject matter on hand it must be pointed out that we are not dealing with a school of thought, but rather the musings of some inept individuals, most of whom are Americans, about certain imaginary ideological trends that are viewed as being harmful to society.

The crusade against Cultural Marxism is a sham primarily because the crusaders are tilting at windmills. Furthermore, they do in no way possess the requisite qualifications to tackle the problems they set before themselves. These critics are reminiscent of the antisemite who claims to be an expert on the Talmud without knowing a word of Hebrew; they speak with great authority, almost ex cathedra, about Cultural Marxism, all the while giving no evidence of having engaged themselves with the writings of Marx. And if they had studied the works of Karl Marx, they would have come to realise that Cultural Marxism is anything but Marxist. One could even go so far as to state that those traits identified as being essential to Cultural Marxism – the advocacy of multiculturalism through immigration, feminism, and anti-authoritarianism – carry no relevance whatsoever to the writings of Marx. Neither did the implementation of Marxism in the former Soviet Union entail the pursuit of policies which may be viewed as instances of Cultural Marxism: the advocacy of a monolitihic Soviet  culture, the celebration of manly virtues à la Stakhanov the working class hero, and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union being a vanguard organisation acting in the best interest of the working class, viz., the whole population. What sort of Marxism is it that contradicts Marx both in theory and in practice? What we are up against is nothing more than an instance of intellectual laziness. Cultural Marxism is a cognitive dustbin in which one may dispose of any social trends considered to be undesirable.

The charge of Cultural Marxism is actually a Cold War survival and should be assigned to the same category as the Red Scare tactics of the American Right against International Communism. The whipping up of irrational fear in regard to communism – culminating in McCarthyism and the attendant show-trials – is a prime example of a society driven mad by a hysteria resembling the witch-hunts of the Late Middle Ages. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the bugbear of the Red Scare became obsolete and an up-to-date incarnation of evil needed to be manufactured: enter Cultural Marxism.

There is too much immigration and you don’t like it? The Cultural Marxists are behind it. The feminists are exercising too much influence? The Cultural Marxists are to blame. Your manhood is threatened? The Cultural Marxists are out to castrate you. Is your disapproval of the social developments conjoined with pangs of conscience? The cultural Marxists are manipulating your feelings. You are losing the debate? The cultural Marxists are disprupting your train of thought by means of hidden messages. This cosmic conspiracy turned Breivik into a homicidal lunatic, but this was merely one case of pathology amongst countless others. We are dealing with the kind of men who will not heed the voice of reason, because, as Nietzsche fittingly pointed out, “what the mob has learnt without reason, no reason can overturn.”