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Supposedly Australia and Russia are taking in white refugees. Actual refugees, not economic migrants using excuses to encroach on someone else’s country in order to live off the fat of the land while complaining and refusing to assimilate. Also, the white refugees want to work. They are requesting work in exchange for being refugees. They are actually offering something of value in the form of contributing to society by farming land for their adoptive countries. The United States should take in white South African refugees. They are real refugees. Most if not all of the other refugees clogging up the US border are fake refugees.

Next thing that will happen is South Africa will implode as a country, civil war will become normal operating procedure, their economy will collapse, they will run out of food and become the latest member of the “World Welfare Club”. Just like Zimbabwe before it and just about every other African country.

I worry for the white people. I hope they get out before it gets worse. I thank Australia and Russia for doing the right thing.

Somehow the international organizations who criticize everyone will find fault in white people somehow and justify giving money to people who don’t deserve it.

Nothing new under the sun, I just hope the worldwide nationalist movement gets stronger and establishes itself as the new world order instead of the current diversity pushers.

Let the black people have their own country, if and when it fails give them the credit. If it succeeds, give them the credit. Other countries can decide whether or not to work with them based on their own interests and values.