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Lord Wankdust

My idea of what makes a beautiful women has changed along with myself as I have grown older. Now into my fifties, I see absolutely nothing desirable in young women in their late teens or twenties. I can acknowledge they kind of mostly look like clones of media portrayed “beauty” but it just looks fake, contrived and un-beautiful to the older me. Like it is all a construct of salon, make-up and endless selfie-preening. I also find their immaturity and lack of years… unattractive.
I was at a street-market in a small Scottish town yesterday. A fund-raiser for a local hospice. Usual stalls groaning with books, DVDs, tacky crockery and ornaments etc. There were women in their 40’s, 50’s and even into their 60’s who looked fucking gorgeous. Some were buying things and others were working behind the stalls. Real women with proper figures, dressed to the nines or dressed casually, comfortable in themselves, smiling, effortlessly cool and attractive. None of them were playing with mobile phones. All were white, european and foxy as fuck.
There were a few chip=munchers, sea-monsters and door-blockers larding around but I just kinda filter those out naturally.