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Lord Wankdust


Some of the texts and references you use are extremely dated. Some of this kinda debate might have appealed to Menken or Candlish… or The League of Nations in 1932… but we live in an age of private-sector military drones being used without Parliamentary authority by British (and US) forces to ejaculate explosives across village halls hosting weddings in Pakistan. Our questionably elected leaders use drug money laundered through Tax Havens in the Carribean to pay mercenary armies in cash to fight proxy wars against imaginary enemies to feed the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex which they own shares in.

You claim that…

“there is another tradition represented by the Chinese, the Russians, and last but not least: the Germans. The Russian Staatstheorie, being an amalgamation of ancient Eurasian customs and German political philosophy, is at odds with its Western counterpart: in Russia, life is deemed to be more valuable than property. In order to understand the very core of this Staatstheorie, we need to reflect on the words of Hegel: in his lectures on religion, Hegel points out that love is essentially the act of making an exception for a human being, and to universalise this love would entail that it would be deprived of its fervour.”

But do you really mean it?

I think not.