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The Wall is the point in a woman’s life when she is no longer highly desired (sexually) by men. There is a dramatic fall-off in approaches by men, lower expressed sexual interest by men, and fewer compliments from men – offline and online. Her Sexual Market Value (SMV) drops significantly. It is called The Wall because a woman’s SMV drops rapidly in her late twenties and early 30s. Most peg the age at which a woman hits The Wall at between 28 and 35, with many pegging it at 30 years old.


Men are strongly attracted to youth in women. This is shaped by the reality that women are most fertile and have highest success in reproduction in their 20s. Our biological instincts formed around this fact. Man strongly distinguishes between a woman in her peak fertility period (18->29) and other women. Men instinctively find these older women to be less sexually attractive. So when a woman hits The Wall, it’s not a gradual reduction in male attention, it is sudden. After a few years, by 35, she is virtually invisible to Alphas, and not even of significant sexual interest to much of the rest of the male population. The metaphor of the Wall is like a car slamming into a wall given the sudden change of fate. A woman’s power over men, in a sexual dimension, is temporal.

A woman’s sense of validation is strongly influenced by male attention. When she hits The Wall, she still feels entitled to the attention she received pre-Wall. It is often a startling and frightening period for women when they realize they can no longer automatically win interest from men. So post-Wall women will do things like post a profile on and revel in rejecting earnest men interested in identifying compatibility in order to desperately regain the high of power with men. But mostly, she will lower her standards, and suddenly become “attracted” to short men, men of other races, overweight men, decent men, non-players, men with stable careers, men who don’t give her ‘gina tingles. Her hope is to hide her pre-Wall sexual history (and its effects on her personality), act feminine for a year or two to persuade a beta male to marry, at which point, she can revert to her natural self which devalues beta males, secure in the institution of marriage which will protect her legally and financially.

If you men are going to keep claiming you are MGTOW, I suggest you do yourself the favor of joining the MGTOW community outside of these forums. You aren’t even aware of the reasoning and science behind this lifestyle. Or simply stop using our acronym to describe yourself.