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Empty soul

“Political correctness is the adherence to a civilised discourse, whereas its opponents reject it in the name of free speech. But free speech, it must be remembered, is not an end in itself; free speech is a means to an end, and like any means it must be utilised in a responsible fashion. The uncultured advocates of free speech assume the role of victims when they are rebuked for making irresponsible utterances“.

You don’t half come out with some shit Alois.

Political correctness has nothing to do with civilised discourse.

Political correctness is the non flinching adherence to a socio-political ideology concerned with avoiding offence in matters of race, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

For example. It wasn’t very civilised of the British police to let many thousands of Muslim men all across England get away with systemically drugging and raping white children for years because they didn’t want to offend Muslims.

In the above the “uncultured advocates of free speech” did not assume the role of victims, they were the victims and their pointing out of the fact that the perpetrators were all Muslims and the victims all white children was not an irresponsible utterance because it was a necessary connection to make in order to prevent further perpetration.

Black on black crime is another example here.

London, England has a massive problem with blacks hurting and killing each other and yet political correctness stops the necessary preventative measures from being put in place because it is deemed to be racist and therefore politically incorrect to profile and target black people.

As a result of the above and the resulting yearly increases in crime London is no longer “civilised”.

“The accusation of political correctness is a disease that all democratic societies must come to terms with. The substratum of most societies is a mass of individuals whose manners are uncouth, who have little or no education, whose analytical skills are inadequate, and who often carry grievances. Sadly, the principle of universal suffrage grants these animal-like creatures the right to vote and their grievances give rise to populist politicians. These populist politicians speak the crude language of the embittered masses and a symbiotic relationship between a populist agitator and the crowd comes into being, threatening the very foundations of democracy“.

If you truly believed a lack of education was the problem you would be advocating for better education and opportunities for the masses rather than branding them “animals” and consigning them to a position of worthlessness.

You also talk about democracy a lot and appear to hold it in esteem and yet you argue against the mechanisms of it(majority vote) knowing full well that democracy without the masses voice and vote is not a democracy, its a plutocracy.

In my opinion then Alois your rejection of free speech is rooted in the desire to give vent to one’s primal rage towards the indigenous working class population.

The indigenous working class population is after all the majority demographic and that obviously scares you because giving them a voice and the freedom to act potentially fucks you over as a result.