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Lord Wankdust

Daddy had plenty of choices. He could have done these three and in this order.

* Man up and challenge the sick psycho bitch in Court of Law.

* Kick fuck out of the paedo stepfather.

* Leave the kid in the care of The State and then run away and pretend he has no choice.

I had to stay in a twisted and psycho relationship with a totally self-obsessed crankhouse witch for a fair number of years while the blinkers were gradually pulled away from my eyes by her actions. Put simply… if she had been a nicer person we would still be together… but she ended up shitting in her own handbag and then throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Believe me… the arrogance of psychotic women doesn’t mean that they always or even ever win. Especially in a Court of Law. The problem is scaredy-cat so-called men who are so convinced of their own inadequacy and failure… that they don’t speak up for themselves and stare down the face of a psycho-witch… that those so-called men give up before they start. They have already handed the reins of power over and are dis-contentedly going their own way, wetting their nappies and refusing to learn to read.

Look at this.

He was only a child when she raped him. But a few years later he stood up – and took her down! She blew hot turd-chunks during the Weinstein Fandango (she knew what was blowing her way and was trying to raise her #meetoo profile to untouchable methinks) but she quickly settled her case outta court over her stat rape of a minor. All mouth. Pathetic shitbag.

Challenge these cunts. She should be serving prison time.