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These Hollywood Pigs, or “Holy Woody” as i like to call them, “Zionist Jews” are The Ones,, and have always been These Evil,,, Sick,,, Extremely Demented,,, Perverted Sexual Predators,,, Diddlers,,, And Rapists. They are the Real McCoy, & the 100% Authentic, & True, Baby Blue Ball Sucking,,, Hymen Smashing, “Butt” Only After Tongue Tasting Virgin Pussy, & Ass first.

Now Add Baby Cock Sucking,,, Foreskin Snorting,, and anal intruding to the mixture, and there you have it Boys, & Girls, Just Another Twisted Sick Jew Cunty-Cunt through & through, that has been Getting Away with it Seemingly Forever. So These are my thoughts, & honest opinion on what i think the outcome will be for that Billionaire Cunt Weinstein.

#1- He will enter a rehab for sexual addiction,,, with the help of his (Jew Buds) in high places, Of Course, lol.

#2- will most likely get a light sentence, including some probation, and will be forced to pay restitution to his victims.

#3- And only after they sign a “Without Prejudice” Non Disclosure Agreement, will he then be able to get off. And Poooof,,, Just Like That, he will be (Getting-Off Again Alright) or Cumming “I Should Say” Butt it will be inside yet another 4 year old Boys Arseholes, or inside a 12 year old Virgins Mouth, while he opens her Camel-Toe and devours *Her Forbidden Fruit* Her Piss-Smelling Hymen while his long Jew Nose is shoved-up her ass, enjoying it just like a “Fat Kid On His First Big Mac. “”Sick Fucking Fat Slob”” 🙁