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Empty soul


“As for MGTOW- We don’t have a common goal“.

That’s the problem.

People require incentives in order to put forth the effort and/or act and behave in certain ways.

If MGTOW is not a movement or a place of common ground working towards a common goal it becomes a space merely to blow off steam and complain about how shitty life is.

The problem with that though is that it puts you in direct competition with the alcohol industry because for most people the local bar/pub fulfils the exact same role and purpose.

On a side note. There was a British group that made good social progress a few years back called fathers 4 justice.

Naturally it was a group comprised entirely of men and it argued and battled against gender imbalance and bias in courts, politics and society in regards to child access rights that favoured women over men every single time without reason or compromise.

However, the only reason it was able to make such strides in the first place was because it had a common goal wherein strangers with nothing else in common and with their own unique life experiences and circumstances could rally behind in unison.

The suffragettes were the same. As was pretty much every other public born socio-political change effected upon the system.

To put it bluntly then. Without incentive, without a common purpose and goal MGTOW has nothing.

In my opinion then, and it is only that, MGTOW needs to evolve beyond a blank blow off space if it is to take flight and effect change because very few people will invest time and effort into a group with no legs and no future.