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Okay, now that I’ve cleaned my tablet of spit coffee….hahahaha, that cracked me up @itsplaster. Seriously, if I was your age I would be pissed off and arguing too. It’s just not worth my time anymore, it’s not that I’m giving up and he’s won…it’s just the basic fact that you already stated. He’s not gonna change, and who cares what he thinks? He’s entitled to think what he wants. Right or wrong, it’s his belief. I understand where you’re coming from though. I find it very difficult to get where he’s coming from, but no sweat off my ass. I noticed he immediately started calling boasp names, which just prove he does bad mouth anyone who disagrees with him, even if they do not call him names. Harder to believe is a forty something year old man would use a grade school ditty, ‘rubber and glue’ to prove his righteousness. Apparently he doesn’t have a life besides saving males from the unjust society that has disparaged them. Most people understand that life isn’t fair, and get on with their lives, change the things they can, and make peace with the things they can’t. If he was truly worried about all those men who have got a raw deal, he would be working to change laws, not spending his life on BG forums calling people names. It’s much easier to copy and paste his life away…I guess.