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That is bad man. Another 2 lives in ruins, simply because another whore wanted some quick, and long term cash. A move that can only be done from a completely savage, and heartless Cunt!

That is a bummer for sure. And Shit like this should Never happen, cause if the guy had known that he has a kid, he could have helped raise him, help pay for his education, and so on. And who knows she could have been the one who would have been paying Him, considering the fact that She was a low-life with no job living on Food Stamps, & Welfare.

And this poor hardworking guy could have surely provided that child with a much better, & healthier life seeing that he had a job, and the means to support this kid. But oh no, this guy can pay back all of the money that the legalized mafia, or, (The Government) paid to that cunt to help raise that child, when most of it was surely spent on herself purchasing mascara, and lipstick to pick-up more cash for life hardworking victims using Her Power Of The Pussy.

That Despicable Cunt is probably too tired from spreading her legs, and stressed-out,trying to keep up with her busy workload taking in Cock everyday! So she Feeds That Poor Kid Kraft Dinner 7 days a week, in order to lessen the load of her busy work life, making her feel much better, having the coin to spoil herself with the money she saved with Kraft Dinner,,, “Thanks K-D.” So with Dope,,, Beer,,, Butt most Importantly,,, The tune-up, and regular maintenance required to keep her Cunt-Carousel Running Smoothly, just like a Fine Tuned Musical Fair Ride.

And She does this by purchasing, and Pumping into her Skank-Hole, 2-12 Packs of Vinegar Douches, trying to keep at bay that Vulgar-Smelling *Whitish/Greenish Slime* that has accumulated over time, that is now Constantly Leaking-Out that Wenches Super-Snatch. So she is trying desperately to find it,s cause and origin by attempting to Differentiate if it is Feminine Discharge,,, or,,, From Larry, The Neighborhood drunk, and his halitosis from his multiple Rotten Teeth. Or maybe even from that Cum Load he pumped into her an hour ago! Cum leaking-Out Of That Smelly Death Trap.

There should be strict penalties put in place for Single Mothers refusing to Name The Father, or Potential Fathers,as is the case here. And if they are Fucking More than one person during that time,. they should have to pay the full costs for paternity test. This way, at least the courts can make an informed decision when looking into the Whores Whole Lifestyle, and quickly figuring-out exactly what she is all about! They should follow a guideline before screwing the innocent Father, and NOT Give Whores like herself Any Cash.

#1- An informed decision on who should raise this Child.

#2- The Father should have the right to know, and visit his child, before he has to start paying “ANY” Child Support Whatsoever.

#3- And if The Mother refuses to name The Father Because She committed Adultery, then No Baby-Bonus,,, Welfare,,, or Welfare Checks should be issued to her whatsoever,,, FUCK-ALL,,, NONE!

I Hope that your friend is able to see his child @illegalsmile55 and that he is paying No More.