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@||younghitler|| You know you kind of contradict your intellect by name calling, woman hating and calling other men who don’t follow your principles cucks. The fact that you are self admittedly over the age of 45, yet still act like a kindergartener when people challenge or disagree with you shows how angry and insecure you are. I am not a feminist. I don’t support these MGTOW and #metoo movements. It’s a sheeple trend that is turning men against women and vice versa. I do agree that society gives women an unfair advantage when it comes to custody, fathers ect. I highly doubt you are a published writer, because a person claiming to be so would use tact to persuade people to see things from their point of view. Honestly you seem like the insecure, woman hating cuck bitch. You must have gotten hurt bad. I thought you were over 45, yet your profile picture is of a young boy. Is that your son or are you just a pedophile? If it is your son, that means you impregnated a WOMAN and secondly if it is your son, this is THE WRONG website to be displaying an image of a young boy on which brings me to are you just a pedophile? You hate women, your avi is a picture of a little boy… This is a serious question I have. If you are just going to bash me and not have an educated response thus opening the line for formal communication…then just keep to yourself.