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Empty soul

“I don’t really care about keapernick or the so called flag. I think they ALL are crying over spilled milk“.

It does create an interesting point though and one that parallels Israel of today and which also addresses Stalin’s Russia and other such historical examples, that being the covering and defending of ones own group whilst utilising the same old methods of attack and the same old defences of those attacks against others.

Zionist Israel uses Nazi tactics against the Palestinians without the brand of Nazism attached to it and the black south Africans engage in apartheid and racial supremacy against the white south Africans without the same applied international scrutiny etc.

Keapernick engages in the above.

Keapernick only cares about blacks and Keapernick. The rest can be damned because his main contention is the target, not the tactics hence why he has no problem signing up with and making money from Nike.