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Bolshevik Girls

@hopingfornemesis Ayn Rand flatters her reader, and that is the hallmark of third rate philosophy. Lulling your reader into believing that he or she belongs to some specimen favoured by divine providence is actually a very ancient trick; Plato himself was guilty of taking recourse to it and was rightly lambasted by Kant for introducing dilettantism into the realm of philosophy. In a perverse sort of way, Ayn Rand is an important thinker in the sense that the dilettantism that Kant decried with regard to some a spects to Plato’s thinking becomes the n o r m in the case of Rand. What was no more than a lamentable privation in Plato’s case, becomes the substratum informing the whole literary output of Rand, and it is precisely in this sense that Rand is an important thinker, viz., the Hegelian ‘List der Vernunft’ dictates that someone be left wearing the clown hat as well.