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My.mother an e my.rather battled in court for a while. In the end, doctor ‘s and psychologist ‘s evaluation of my body and mind won out. My mother was originally losing the battle, as she was young and inexperienced. They swatted aside all her bits and pieces until she finally got the psychologist’s evaluation as well as the doctors, as the evidence worked better tog ether. Fifteen years later he finally signed over rights. I was a bit devastated. I suppose it was Stockholm syndrome, but even after everything he did to me and my mother, I was kind of di sappointed and a little happy. He was gone. I should mention he signed over rights because of a second divorce and he couldn’t afford to pay child support for a total of five total children.

As per usual, forgive any spelling errors or odd spaces and punctuations. Also forgive any misspelled words, as this device has an overweight period button that takes up a fifth of the bottom row. Add to that a terrible autocorrect and you’ve got ocd hell. I just couldn’t care less at this point.