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Lord Wankdust

He was a smack importer gaylord hitler youth.

Now go suck at your poor mummy’s teets like you like to. She still changes your nappy for you because you refused to be toilet trained for “gyno-centric” reasons. I admire how you stick to your guns about that despite stinking of your own shit!

I know no welfare queens nor do I support any. I support no-one but my own son who chose to live with his father after his father went his own way after winning against a woman who tried to obstruct his Parental Rights. Yup… that is me!

I know you don’t believe in men challenging gynocentrism and winning… tubby gaylord hitler youth. However, I would strongly advocate any men to do the same. No point in listening to tubby mommy’s-basement-dwelling gaylord hitler youth… he thinks that he is a born loser and is resigned to that fact.

I slave not – I have a true vocation. I love what I do. I am excellent in my post and were I to win the Lottery I’d still go to work at school each day! I love the loooong holidays! I earn very well and I cannot even spend all of what I get. I suppose I am too wealthy!

Cutting and pasting on your mommy’s Broadband isn’t actually a job tubby mommy’s-basement-dwelling gaylord hitler youth! Nor is living off Mummy’s money! Why don’t you admit it… you are now a flatulent morbidly obese bloater, afraid to face the world and trapped in his mommy’s basement eating boxes of cereal all day long!