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I Wonder if she will have to register as a sexual deviant? Or, if she was All Over “Every” Newspaper’s Front Page As An Extreme Pervert?

I Wonder if Child Services were called-in to have her children possibly removed from her care?

I Wonder if she outright lost her job without any benefits Whatsoever?

I Wonder if she will simply be transferred to another School District, and will then have to do a short stint in rehab, (while the cost of it (will be fully paid) by the School Board?

I Wonder if after completing her rehab, she will then being allowed to teach again?

I Wonder if the courts would let this Cock Carousel’s Cuck Husband take the Kids away if he decides to leave her?
I Wonder if all of her friends, neighbors, co-workers will forgive her, and instead feel sorry for her cause she has a medical condition, lol?

If This Was A Man,,, His Entire Life, Career, Livelihood, Friends, Family And The Whole Fucking Neighborhood would disown Him, And Want To Fry His Ass Running Him Out Of Town. Some Thing Will Never Change, Sad! 🙁