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Lord Wankdust

Rhian Desouza has been removed from the Sex Offenders Register.
Rhian had a perfectly lawful, legal relationship with a younger adult person who was of legal age.
The younger person Rhian was having a relationship was old enough to marry.
Rhian was NOT a teacher of this person, this person had never attended any school Rhian had taught at and Rhian was never in a “position of trust” over the young adult.
Rhian had been sent consensual photos via Snapchat taken by the younger adult person.
Rhian had not done anything else but be sent them and then delete them.
Rhian did not distribute them, alter them or copy them.
Apparently “making an indecent image” is simply opening a jpeg sent to phone… that is technically “making an image” in British law. From reading the phrase “creating an image” you would assume that Rhian must have been taking the photographs. Not so in British Law. The act of opening an attachment sent to you (even if you didn’t ask for it) is viewed as an “act of creation” of an image. The adult being under 18 means they can be viewed as a “child” despite being old enough to marry, fight in a war, smoke, pay taxes and work etc.

All that happened here… was a parent decided to try and sling mud at Rhian by going to the Police.
The parent was angry at their daughter (younger than Rhian but over the age of consent) doing her own thing, making her own choices and going her own way.
Some of the mud has stuck – despite Rhian committing no actual material offense (sexual or otherwise) within UK Law.
At least the removal of her name from the Sex Offenders Register will go some way to making it possible for her to teach again.

This was a very shabby prosecution. It looks rushed into and ill-considered and Rhian will probably be re-instated or at least paid a great deal of compensation for loss of career-long earnings over this ill-thought-out, over-zealous and probably vindictive prosecution.

This case was very, very different from a 45 year old married male teacher running off to France with a 14 year-old girl he’d been statutory raping by exploiting a position of trust as her Geography Teacher.

NB. To my mind… I’d say to Rhian Desouza “Rhian.. that was a young 16 year old girl… far too young… legal yes… but come on you are a 43 year old mature woman. Get real. How did you think this would look? Get a grip woman!”

Men – not necessarily male teachers – but ALL men… should take note.