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Empty soul

I was drunk when I wrote the above so now that I am sober I will try to elaborate on it a bit.

What I meant by public court is public perception and treatment.

There is no question of illegality here because 16 is the age of consent. Although I do understand why the sex pics were a problem given that the pornography age is 18 and was probably waved once the girl herself interjected and consented to the 43 year old woman having those pics.

However. I can’t see most parents being happy about a 40 odd year old having a sexual relationship with their 16 year old child even if it is legal.

I have also seen how the newspapers and society have reacted before when the roles were reversed and it was a older man with a 16 year old girl. The reception was not a favourable one.

Also, the above in combination with her being a teacher of children even if she was not a teacher of that particular child is still a crushing blow to her reputation and her school is probably going to get rid of her for it at some point.

I don’t know. I do feel that men are seen to be more predatory and wicked in these sorts of situations than woman are and society does treat them differently as a result.