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@svarg26 has only pissed-off the people who do not understand Him, and his Form/Brand of Sometimes Brutally Honest Comedy, which many sometimes think of saying themselves, but unlike @svarg26 they just don’t have the fucking balls to say it! And Honestly,, I love, and look forward to reading his Cool, & Hilarious Stuff Everyday, cause most times, It Really Cracks Me Up .

And as for pissing him off,,, Well Good Luck With That One Dude,,,lol, as You will Inadvertently end-up making Him Laugh, & Laugh Real Hard Instead,lol, along with Mark,, Myself,, and a Few Other Veteran Members who also understand him well. So go for it as i cannot wait to see what you will write, cause it’s making me laugh already just thinking about it! 🙂

Isn’t it Funny how People (Get More Ballsy) and talk behind other members backs, when they are Not Here To Defend Themselves eh??? 🙁 Well “”I’M HERE””,,, And Fuck if I’m About to stand by, and let people Gang-Up on Another Brother, When They Are Not Here To Defend Himself! And I Will Not Sit By Because I’m too Afraid that I Might Lose Friends, (If I Don’t March With The Herd.) And Furthermore,,, I Would Do The Exact Same “FOR ANY OF YOU” Also, And Yes,,, Even For You Too @RoadPavement , lol.