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WOW! That just might be the stupidest article that I’ve ever read. Women, I’m assuming, have endured a menstrual cycle since the beginning of humankind. Now, and only now, it’s a patriarchal agenda? A conspiracy to keep girls/women uneducated and unsuccessful. I understand that the intent is to use taxes from retail sales of feminine hygiene products, but, those revenues should be used more responsibly.
Here’s an idea. Start a “go plug me” fund and leave government dependancy out of the equation.
Toilet paper does not grow on trees, ironically, and everyone shits. What about the poor who cannot afford ass wipe? All the downtrodden school aged children missing school because they took a shit that morning. Should skid marks, dingleberries and mud crack be blamed for keeping future MD’s, PhD’s and scholars from reaching their academic aspirations? Is it a government conspiracy of manipulation and price gouging that keeps the poor unwiped? Maybe every garbage collector is a fuckin’ rocket scientist who missed one too many days of high school due to a greasy ass hole.
Don’t get me started on the protest rallies. Instead of standing around holding signs describing their bleeding snatches, maybe they go work some overtime, buy tampons, gift wrap them and deliver them like it’s Christmas every month.
Fuck! I don’t understand this millennial generation. Lazy af and scared of self reliance.
Leave it to CNN to manufacture, produce and release such a pile of shit opinion piece.