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Lord Wankdust

@llyounghitlerll Your boy is a top achiever in Narnia or Middle Earth I’m afraid. Or maybe Hogwarts or some other fictional establishment. In your dreams. You dont even know what a Public School is in the UK. Remember you never got to your own potty training for fear of feeding the gynocentric fem-machine. You never wash because you don’t want to appeal to women or be accused of gynocentrism. You refused to learn to read and write (which is why you copy and paste) at school because it would pander to gynocentrism.

Now you expect us to believe that you are a vastly successful family man with a son at a “PRIVATE” school who is the top achiever. I’m calling hoss-piss on this latest volte-face.

I’m afraid we all know that the only son you might have would be one you made with your mommy in her basement where you live poaching the neighbour’s wi-fi and eating your own weight in sugar snacks every week.

Here is a helpful page which will inform you about Public Schools in Britain.