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Empty soul


Yep. The way feminists have taken a vow of silence when it comes to Islam is quite telling. Liberals too.

You have feminists and liberals who support and defend feminism to the death and believe dearly in all it’s core principles and yet they go silent on Islam, even support it. Despite Islam standing contrary to those liberal and feminist core principles in both ideology and manifested action.

Niggers too. Feminists never seem to have a thing to say when it comes to black rappers singing about women being bitches and whores.

I could go on but my point is that feminism is only ever deployed against the white man.

Modern feminists also never seem to want equality at the bottom level, only the top.

They never fight for or want equality of employment in the garbage collection trade or any other dirty, laborious job. They only ever fight for and want equality of employment in the well paying office type work.

Modern first world feminism in my opinion then is an affirmative action type movement disguised as an ideology that uses the white man as a bogyman in order to justify it’s self interest based principles and the reason why they are silent when it comes to conflicting interests outside of the white man is because the support matters more than the supporters themselves.