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Lord Wankdust

Hey @thedre groove on Gorebro… the Trout season is coming to a close soon and you gotta spend more time trying to stock the freezer with fine fillets than typing responses to @llyounghitlerll who only cut’n’pastes anyway. Or he uses such glib and feeble posts or responses that they rarely merit mention, never mind a lengthy and thought-out response such as you have provided.

has no life and no experience of real life to draw on…. either to post or to make any kind of contribution. He cannot contribute either to the world as it is or even suggest improvements as it how it might be bettered. You know this. Resist responding to @llyounghitlerll ‘s baiting. He makes his own anus-focussed comments precisely to provoke a response which he will then ignore or respond to using ad hominem attacks.

Don’t feed the troll. If @llyounghitlerll deletes the tags here is a list of one’s you can quickly use his tried and tested cut’n’paste technology to put back in.

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