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Have You Tried To Find A Truly Good, & Decent Girl That Will Not Use, & Abuse You, or does it just take too much work time, and effort, and you just could not be bothered???

You Cannot Truly Believe That *Every Single Girl* That You See, or Come Across that’s in your age group, like I Mean For Dating, or Whatever Are All 100% Complete Sluts, Whores, Users, And Cheaters Right?

I Just Don’t Get Your Point, Cause If You Say That You Are “NOT GAY”,,, but then *Hate All Females* that you come across, or come in contact with, whether at work,,, or i dunno, Even A Grocery Store,, Than Would You Call Yourself A Celibate??? Like I Dunno Man,,,, I Dunno!

Would You Pay For A Call Girl, or Is That Also A No-Go??? or,,, would you rather Make Love To A Blow-Up Doll, That Smells Like A Kids Blow-Up Pool,,, Like Rubber???