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Just look at the marked difference in facial expression and general behaviour of the Australian cricket player Shane Warne after he developed an obsession with and wanted to be accepted into Elizabeth Hurley’s world.

Pre-Hurley he was a real man and post-Hurley he became a Will Wheaton. He even developed a wide open grin and started to shave the hair on his chest, legs and balls.

Elizabeth Hurley’s world is of course a privileged liberal one and Shane emasculated himself in order to be accepted into it whereas his previous world was a macho, fighting type environment.

If you were to consider it a uniform that they have to wear on their faces in order to obtain membership you would be right.

A Neo-Nazis for example does something similar wherein they shave their heads and get tattoos. They also adopt more harder facial expressions to go along with it.

The same thing happens with those who want to join the Hells Angels or any other gang etc. They adopt the uniform of those already in it in order to fit in and be accepted.

Those who are pulling a Will Wheaton face then and posting it on the internet have a particular target audience in mind. An audience that will greet such an expression favourably.

What is that target audience?. Well, it is not an audience of MMA fans. It is not an audience of boxing fans. It is not an audience of cricket, football or any other sporting fans.

It is not for an audience of working class people either or any other group that favours strong male traits.

Their target audience then is one that frowns upon strong male traits, despises “toxic” masculinity and promotes the opposite. The world of the far-left liberal in other words.

You are both right then. It would be inaccurate to call it a primate fear grimace………..and a bit insulting to the primates to compare them to Will Wheaton.

It is however an expression used to show absolute submission, consciously or not, towards their target audience.

Since we are using Will Wheaton as the focus point let’s call it a “stand by me” grin because that’s essentially all it is, a grin that says I come in peace. It’s a panderer’s grin.