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Thanks @SeraphimSerenata

My goal is to keep the Public Well Informed on the Dangers of Visiting Certain Places/Countries. And places that they should Not *EVER* take their loved-ones To. Because even though many of us here on Best-Gore Already Know, the Truth, and that The Zionist Owned, Controlled, Heavily Censored, & Edited Mass-Media, Along With Most Travel Agents “”Will Never Tell You the Truth”” because these (JEW-OWNERS) Of most Resorts, “”Except For Cuban Ones”” Would Shut Them Down in A Nano-Second, if They Ever Told The Truth about these Extremely Vile, & Dangerous Shit Hole Places Called Beautiful Travel Destinations. But unfortunately people on the outside, Do Not Know These Facts Because they mostly watch there Local 6 O’clock News For Their Info. So I hope to reach these poor, and brainwashed individuals in the hopes of helping save their, and their Families Lives, by doing-So.

And This Is The Other Side Of Best-Gore That many of these same individuals do not know. And that we have always loved, & Cared for The People Sharing This World With Us. So Only the Uncensored “TRUTH” can Work.

SO Stay Safe People, *AND VISIT CUBA* which is and has always Been The Safest Travel Destination Bar None 🙂