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Plaster, Women divorce at the 2, 4, and 7 year marks, and these relate to the timing of childbearing. There’s also a spike at 10 years, but that’s caused by the laws in some places.

“Not all women” are like that, but “yes all men” have to deal with the (quite good) possibility that the woman he is currently dealing with is.

Your marriage is awesome? Cool. I congratulate you, as one of the lucky ones! And, more probably, as one of the few women who realize both that marriage is work, that it is shared work, and that a great marriage is worth the effort on your part. But if you take an honest look around, you’ll see that you’re in the minority – in fact, a rarity. It may not be that “all women are like that,” but with one-in-two marriages ending in divorce, and 75% of those divorces initiated by the women, I don’t think you can deny that ENOUGH women are “like that,” and that we confirmed bachelors have good reason to compare marriage to Russian Roulette with three bullets in the cylinder.
Your lived experience does not invalidate the lived experience of millions of men.

Look, I actually want you to feel superior like you do. I want you to stay confirmed in the attitude you have chosen. Who am I to foolishly deny your many years of marital bliss? I’d rather profit by it. You came to this post. Your friction has value here. By evidence of your example, disallow all things MGTOW, as you seem to do. Please, tell your friends how wrong we are. Finds others who are like you and band with them. Do that for us. Make it known how you feel about “us people” because, in the long run, you will have done MGTOW a favor by self-identifying as someone who cannot speak beyond her own life. I want you, and those who corral with you, to remain narrow and self-focused in your worldview, your natural pride being your limiter(Wankdick). You will assist in providing contrast, showing other women what they have done wrong, by your visible example of denying to us that they exist. There will be women who will see the corral fence you have placed around yourself. I count on it.

All women have the power to wreck a man’s life with a groundless accusation and this is why ALWAT does come in a matter of degrees. Not unlike a herpes infection, it can lie dormant for many years only to erupt when the immune system weakens

Your “NAWALT” proof relies entirely on your individual experience, way to prove that AWALT solipsism.

As for Hypergamy, All women hold the potential for hypergamy. Any argument for the contrary is simply illogical.
If a woman divorces, she loses half of what she has access to, even if she doesn’t control it all during marriage. She loses the legitimacy of marriage. She also loses whatever benefits she has from the man including protection, comfort, someone to share things with. A woman who gets pregnant in her teenage years may receive financial benefits, but they often have to leave their education, something many regret, and it dead-ends their lives.

Why do I point these out? Because they are real consequences that many women avoid. They don’t do so out of being moral and angelic, but because they want to avoid these downsides. Some know that instinctual behavior is self-defeating in the long run and have oriented themselves more or less to mutualism. This is why not all women cheat, and not all women divorce, despite the perverse system which you describe, much of which is reality.

Man drifts towards absolutism because there he finds comfort in certainty. But the world is uncertain; it is nuanced; it is shades of grey. People fall along a continuum in terms of behavior, and while incentives encourage certain behavior, they do not dictate it. AWALT is not an absolutist maxim; it is a reminder that every woman has latent tendencies that may come to the fore at any time, irrespective of her surface behavior. It does not guarantee that these behaviors WILL manifest. Simple observation of some women is proof that some women fall prey to their hypergamous instincts, selfish parasitism, and cruel opportunism. Others do not. Whereas marriage is a raw deal to men almost everywhere, but especially in the West; associating with women whether at work or as friends, as part of a social circle, as business colleagues can yield rewards and be a net positive. HOWEWVER- I can’t think of any woman that committed suicide over the loss of these things.

SERIOUSLY PLASTER, All women are biologically programmed like that. Now, how much they can (and will) control their programming can be debated…but not that the biological programming exists. Not all snakes will bite you either. But if it’s a poisonous snake that can kill you, you don’t take the chance. And, that is what men are dealing with today. Female nature has been empowered, and if you deal with them, society has given them the power to destroy and/or enslave you (if you are a man). And, no you women who only heard “women are snakes”, that is NOT what I said. I am taking about biological nature, and using the nature of an animal that is dangerous to men to demonstrate. I am not calling women reptiles. I am saying if something’s nature is dangerous (i.e. it’s nature is to harm you), AND it is empowered (poisonous), then you are foolishly risking your life if you play around with it. And, women’s nature is destructive to men, and fully empowered by society today (poisonous). This is unlike the harmful side of men’s nature which society dis-empowers. So, women have no consequences for harming men who play with them in any way. So, all women’s nature is the same (AWALT). And as long as their harmful (and parasitic) nature is empowered by society (instead of dis-empowered like men’s harmful nature), then it doesn’t matter if individual women control that nature and decide not to harm men. The fact is that they can anytime they want without consequence.

For those who don’t know the meme, it’s “Not all men are rapists; but yes all women have to deal with the ones that are.” There’s a kernel of truth in it, but it misses the point. This meme is saying “It’s unfair to suggest that women should not protect themselves from rape because most men are not rapists”. The lie is that women do not, in fact, want freedom to protect themselves from rape; what they want is for all men to be treated like rapists by the legal system. That is: they want the freedom to not have to act with reasonable prudence to protect themselves for the tiny minority of rapists that – agreed – yes all women have to deal with.

AWALT, on the other hand, is 100% about men individually acting with reasonable prudence to protect themselves from – not a tiny minority – but an increasingly large majority of women who will happily destroy them for resources and move on to the next man.

so I contend that women are all alike…. but thats in relation to the fact that we have no real evidence to the contrary.