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Lord Wankdust

My ex used isolation, female priviledge, economic abuse, threats, coercion, emotional abuse, minimising, denying and blaming indeed the whole 360 degrees of @llyounghitlerll ‘s little wheel. Though I cannot credit @llyounghitlerll with inventing the wheel. I refused to enter her twisted world, challenged her through the Law and won. I even won on personal terms when my son decided to live with me rather than his slightly cooky mother who hadn’t cooked him a meal in 15 years. She’s a lot better now, thank goodness. People can change and get better.

A dear colleague at work is toiling with the isolation, male priviledge, economic abuse, threats, coercion, emotional abuse, minimising, denying and blaming indeed the whole 360 degrees of @llyounghitlerll ‘s little wheel which her soon-to-be ex-husband is throwing at her. He’s a twisted drug and booze-swilling piggy control-freak and she’ll be shot of him soon. He’ll probably sober-up over the next year or two, realise what he lost and do something about changing. Maybe he’ll get better. I hope so. But he’ll never get her and the kids back. He still gets to see them… but they wont be living with him.

These compartmentalised traits in @llyounghitlerll ‘s copy and pasted Hamster Wheel are simply examples of behaviours which Human Beings, males and females, resort to in order to try to exert control. The extent of their ability to flex and use that power and control rationally and humanely simply depends on where they are in the power balance and what kind of character they are made from. Their development, mommy issues, temper tantrums, foot-stomping, demanding they get their own way, bed-wetting, refusing to learn to write or read etc. There are checks and balances in Law which do work but you have to be prepared to challenge and use what you need to in order to meet up at least at a half-way point. Those struggles really come to the fore when children and property are at stake. Quite rightly too! Houses cost a lot of money as do cars, furniture and the lifetimes of love and care poured into children. Hurt pride also causes some extreme behaviours. I mean just look at the ad hominem attacks on here for perceived transgression of @llyounghitlerll ‘s MGTOW code. Imagine the negotiations over how the CD collection was gonna get split? (“I bought that Backstreet Boys CD!” “That Kate Bush album is mine!”). Houses and kids? Dream on!

I think most people would be surprised if human beings whose homes, children, families, jobs and futures were at stake DIDN’T use every dirty trick to try and exert some kind of control as they watch all they thought they had and all the future they had dreamed of… cascade down the Armitage Shanks. It doesn’t make those compartmentalised behaviours okay, it just means you have to make sure that in this dog-eat-dog world you don’t walk about wearing Arden Grange Underpants.