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oh my gosh @illegal really super consider it! I just looked and you are just 14 short hours from me. you could drive here and then we board together in Detroit! half hour from here!

you are up early all the time you get on road at 5am and if you wear diaper you could be here 7pm! ok I don’t want that in my garbage get here at 8

seriously! and if you drove you could bring me nice joint 🙂
no really you get here and I get us nice pizza and salad then we get st9ned and stare at each other giddy with excitement. my house is shithole but very clean and in nice safe area

only thing though is it would probably suck once we got back for you to have to drive all that way home

maybe you take bus or train here!
please think about it. I dislike flying too. I flew to California about ten years ago and was outright scared. flight was delayed a couple hours so I went to airport bar and got drunk. I didn’t have much money to begin with and when i landed I was smashed with 50bucks left in my pocket and a cake I was carrying for my uncle. but I did it and you can to!