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“i teach men to fuck women hard in the ass. i tell them that it’s the best fucking time they will ever have on this shithole and the chance of getting them pregnant is zero. men respect me for my awesome advice. they are all fucking women hard in the ass and are paying no child support. i said mgtow faggots only fuck men in the ass and they were all horrified at how fucking gay you are. you didn’t think things through enough, pip squeak.”

So by your logic, When a woman becomes pregnant, its all because the male, and its all his fault too. If this is the case, then why don’t men get to keep the baby and move on from the woman? Why don’t men get to choose that his baby will live, when a women decides to abort HIS child that He Made?

STFU idiot. I Show your contradiction in full view and you still will not concede. Boy its better to not address me with your bible cherry picked quotes which I so easily show the hypocrisy. .

Don’t the bible say not to fuck in the ass???? boy are you dumb as fuck its not even funny, Kill yourself pussy.