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Thanks Brother

And as for The Women in Central Europe,,, The ones that i met truly did have A Different Mindset Altogether. I Don’t know if it had to do with The Men Also, because i found the Men There, for the Most Part very friendly, smilling happy go lucky types, and Alot like Mark Himself, lol, seriously! I Know it might sound strange, and yes,,, funny too, but it is true!

So because The Men Seam less aggressive, vulgar jerks than many In Canada, and The U.S. It may play a major part on why the girls are much friendlier, and Not On Their High Horses sort of speak like the many that i interact with on a regular basis in Ottawa. The Women seem to have more respect for Men Over in Europe. And i don’t claim to be an expert on The European Female Gender cause i was there all but 17 Days, lol, it’s just out of the ones that Mark, & I Had spoken with while there.

They did not ignore us, and my stupid jokes,,, they laughed an conversed with us openly, and honestly, without the feeling of them wanting to get rid of you, or tell you To Simply Fuck-Off Internally, instead,,, they were quite receptive, and forthcoming while talking. Honestly,,, it was a nice change from the Twisted Feminist Mindset, that the West Has Worked so hard at implanting in *”Some”* of Today’s Massively-Indoctrinated, North-American Woman 🙁

Now as far as The Asian Women Are Concerned Mark, or, @vincitomniaveritas would be your best bet in getting an Honest Opinion, as he has traveled Many-A-Roads Where Asians Reside, and i have read about some of his personal experiences in Dealing/Interacting with the Asian Woman, and their Utmost Respectful Behavior Towards Their Man. This is why many Men find the love of their lives there also. And they do have many Beautiful Tropical Counties in South East Asia, that Mark Himself Informed me, that Foreigners will soon be able to purchase.

So We Both Discussed Myself Potentially Purchasing either a Piece of Land,,, or A Home There, within the next couple of Years when i’m Retired, and Start Receiving my 2 Full Pensions, & my Lifetime of RSP Contributions. But that will still depend if It’s Reasonably Priced of course. But he will soon start checking-it out for Me, once he’s there in the next Year, or So. But as long as We Stay Da-Fuck Away from Pattaya,,, Or, Phuket Thailand then we should be all good! Cause Phuket sounds way too much like “Fuck-it” and that creeps me Da-Fuck-Out The Window of a 30th. Floor Building, while softly hearing some Asian Mama With A Sideways-Slitted-Cunt Whispering,, me loved Schlong Long, Long time,now Phu-Ket,,, & SPLAT!. 🙁