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Great, and cute video brother, as My Wife, & I have 2 rescued Cats Of My Own at Home With us. We also rescued, and Got Medical Attention for 3 others that were on The Construction Site that I Was Supervising At The Time. And because we had tore down the old Out Buildings, and Barns That use to house them, in order to build new homes. So, as A Direct Result,,, they Were/Became stranded, with no shelter of their own. One needed Surgery to remove what was left of his mangled, and rotting tail from God knows what,and all of them got Spayed, & Neutered, along with getting them all of their needed Rabies Shots, and Antibiotics for various infections, before the Wife, & I Found them good homes. But out of 5 we have decided to keep 2 of em. 🙁

Thanks for Sharing this Great Video,
With Us All My Good Man! 🙂