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It doesn’t matter if fools will keep on being sheep for the rest of their lives, instead of doing some real research and revolting against those who forcefully fed lies to them. It doesn’t matter, because truth is not democratic. Truth is factual. Truth is eternal. The truth is getting out and reaching more and more people around the world as each day goes by.

Now regarding the holocaust, here’s part 8 of that documentary I mentioned to you the other day. This part is specifically about the holohoax, and it beats practically every single other holohoax documentary out there. Believe me, because I have watched plenty. It’s one of main sources I used to show the truth to my father and to my mother, as well as some friends, who were all brainwashed regarding the topic and thought I was crazy when I first questioned the holohoax to them.

So if you ever need to convince someone regarding this topic, and want to show them a single, highly informative source about the subject, I highly recommend part 8 the Europa – The Last Battle documentary.