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Bwa,,, Ha,,, Ha,,, Dude,,, Stop Man,,,lol,.,cause I,M Dying Here, & C CA,,, CANT BREATHE MAN, lol, lol. Looks Like Our Poor,,, Poor,,,, B G Brother cant seam to Get It Together,,, and Then “Let Alone”” Attempting To Hold-It together.

It Looks Like Our Young Capt. High-Liner cannot Keep-It Together Anymore, Since Falling Completely Head Over heals, And Deeply In Love With Our Pretty, & Witty @itsplaster.

And Since Falling For Her, He Has Also Ran, & Tripped, & Fell Down His Mamma,s Basement Stairs, Running to check if She Has Sent Him More, of What He Considers,,, **Hot Messages** cause Any Discussion With A Female For Him Is Like A Major Score.