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It’s a terrible thing that because of the 6 Jews killed during ww2, I mean 5,999,999, that leaders of other countries believed their lie and let the nomads occupy Palestine to live peacefully with the current occupants.
The Palestinians (Muslims) won that land fair and square by the means of war and just because Jews once had that land DOES NOT give them the right to say it has always been their land. If what they say then is true, everyone who isn’t native American should leave immediately because America by Israel’s definition IS THE INDIANS.
Look how the Jews are treating the Palestinians that live and have lived there for centuries. They do a no-knock entry, round up every Palestinian in the house into 1 room and proceed to evict all of them and don’t allow them to take any belongings. Within an hour, that house which generations of Palestinian families resided in front centuries is then demolished with a bull dozer all because 1 Jew wanted to build a parking lot that is close to his Rhinoplasty clinic.
There are Jews and then there are the terrible Jews that support Zionism.
Zionism needs to be stopped because the sheeple think that it is a good cause. Stupid goyems.