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Re:Moslem Brotherhood .Criminal and disgraceful and yet we are probably the few who know this . Most people and especially Amis know nothing of this matter. They would be shocked to know that America aided and abetted Moslem headchoppers to come to power.

Natoyankeezios helped the Muslim Brotherhood come to power in Egypt supposedly as an Arab spring in Egypt! Ha!! Laughable ! They brought to power a cutthroat headchopper ,morsi? and sold him to the world as a benign democratic humane person,better than Mubarak! The sheeple bought it as all they know is football,beer,hotdogs ,facebook and main media! Donkeys!!

Biggest supporter of Muslim Brotherhood? ,Erdogan of Turkey,that descendant of relatively recent converts to know ….the one America tried to sell us as a “Moderate ” Islamic Leader until they had a lover’s quarrel. Remember when he came to america and his bodyguards beat the shit out of everyone on camera and the cops were too scared and too weak to do shit! What a disgrace!

Other dogs are Qatar ,who America sent to despoil Libya! They dressed them in crisp new uniforms and marine boots so that American tv -watchers would feel comfortable as it would remind them of Aunt Sally’s marine boy next door! Headc hoppers dressed as US marine ; wolves dressed in sheeps’clothing.

He supported milli gurus with his pal Gul in Chechnya and @thedre,the worst video of the Russian dying and choking on his blood ? ,was butchered by Erdogan- paid and supplied rebels and Putin and Russia will not forget.

Turkey has to kowtow because Russia has heaps of scores to settle.haha.