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…. and isnt it a shame to see many struggling and shutting down now?
Unfortunately as a kid, this kind of thing [visiting old folks] wasnt done at our schools – i think it would have been something i would have loved.
As i mentioned, not sure if it was BBC – but i am CERTAINLY on board regarding your views regarding those bastards… in fact, its best not to get myself started!
As far as the doorknocking/lying/threatening end of “aunties” many nefarious activities – I do actually look forward to their capita goons knocking on my door, now that i have educated myself regarding their threats of entering my home, their “hand held detectors” [lol], removing implied right access, and other etceteras.
BUT – to a more vunerable person, i can see how their threatening letters, visits, and demands could seem VERY upsetting…and that is exactly what they count on.
Nevermore will a penny of mine go to those scum.

Hey empty, you remember those oppresively-toned adverts in 70-80s, implying that a TV detector van was lurking on every corner… waiting to fine you £1000?
Truth was [is] that there was only EVER two detector vans in the whole of the union.
And that no-one, EVER, has been convicted on evidence collected by a detector van. EVER.

the “hand held detector” that the BBC/Captita lunk-heads brag about detects only ONE thing… whether or not a licence has been purchased at that address. But NOT [as they brag] if that address is receiving a TV signal.

Imagine if another company bombarded addresses with threatening letters? – then showed up hammering at your door, demanding your details, and threatening to forcably gaining entry to your house if you do no let them in “just to check” if you are using their services??

Im sorry pal, i said i didnt want to get started.

Anyway -much as yourself- i have long periods away from the site from time to time, so let me take this opportunity to wish you and yours the best of wishes.

*NB to any readers outside UK, this comment may not make much sense. If you SHOULD be interested enough in finding out – look up british tv licencing,[of which ALL revenue goes to the BBC, although we have many channels] and the vile tactics that the subcontractors [capita] use when doorstepping.
Now that people are becoming more aware of the above, their are some hilarious videos on jewtube of these doorknocking goons being totally schooled – and having to walk away with tail between legs