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Ayrshire is pastoral, rolling farmland. The area around Coylton is very much part of that. Good try but a little off course my friend.

The photograph was taken by my late brother looking down on me dragging my sorry arse and fishing rod back up from an incredibly isolated corrie lochan in the Galloway Hills. This is a very rugged area in the South West of Scotland… much more rugged and isolated than the Scottish Highlands. It occupies the area in the triangle formed by Ayr – Dumfries – Stranraer.

The corrie lochan is 1800 feet down from the summit of a long whaleback hill called Kirriereoch Hill (next to the Merrick). A haunting and strange place. The corrie lochan outflow drops substantially on its way down the Saugh Lane and the Eglin Lane to Loch Doon. These very substantial drops mean that the extant Brown Trout population in the corrie lochan (Loch Twachtan) cannot have swam up the stream which flows out of Loch Twachtan. This means that the population has been isolated in there since before the last Ice Age. Ancient motherfucking DNA. Prehistoric population stranded halfway up a hill in Galloway! We were collecting twenty Loch Twachtan Brown Trout specimens for a Brown Trout DNA Research project, the largest of its kind ever undertaken in Scotland. My brother and I were two of the four anglers who tramped the hills for years collecting samples. That day was a 3am rise, 300 miles of road, a trackless twenty seven mile hike in and back, nearly ten thousand feet of ascent and descent, twenty trout caught in eighteen minutes, a bag of chips on the way home at 8pm in Newton Stewart… hell I could go on.
One of the finest days of my life.