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Go Fuck Yourself @MasterPlan

You Want Educational,,, than post something **POSITIVE STUFF** Related to Animals,,, instead of ALL The negativity that you and your Bum-Buddies have consistently done, over, and over again!

You Think We Don,t See What YOU have done repeatedly with all of your bullshit in many other of my Many, Many,,,(Meant To Be) Positive Posts You Fucking Prick, & Complete Dumb-Ass???

Cause Everybody,,, *EVERYBODY HAS SEEN IT*, So You Decide To Insult The Intelligence Of “ALL” Our B G Members
Thinking That You Are Fooling Us All With Your Complete and Idiotic Bullshit Comment That It,s EDUCATIONAL, lol, SO C,MON GUYS/GALS,,, it,s Good, lol, And So Educational, that we All Need To See Cats Die,, Yea, lol.

Grow the Fuck-Up instead of saying things like,,, Oh, The-Dre is Mad (Something That I Don,t Do Anymore), Because of What i posted on His God,s Creatures Forum Page. And Your Right, cause instead of myself being FAKE, And Play Games Like A Kid, yea, this 53 Year Old Man Shows His Dislike For Game Playing KIDS Just Like Yourself,,,and do so to *Purposely* Get Under Somebody,s Skin by Attacking his Forum Pages, & Comments with 1 Goal In Your Small, & Simple Mind. And That Is To Act All Innocent Once You,v Done Your Dirty-Dead, by being So So Nice, and saying/Acting like What??? What,s wrong??

And just like The Dirty Games That Dirty-Jews Have Been Playing With Others For Centuries now,, You have decide to Do the same,lol with Your Agenda-Based,and Childish game of getting under Somebody,s Skin, And then,,, You Simply Sit Back Like A Good-Troll, & Watch Them as they Blow! And because All My B G Brothers, and Sisters Know That I Am No Slouch and won,t take undue shit from game playing *PUNKS AS YOURSELF*

And My Inability To Be Extremely *FAKE & CHILDISH* Like Yourself,, Will Never Happen, as I Play NO Games! And Furthermore,, I Have Decided To Not restrain myself from showing my discontent for Little Pricks purposefully Trying To Make “ME Look Bad” in the process by Pull My Strings, while they,, & JUST LIKE-JEWS remain Super Fake, and Calm, While They Say,, (What??? Why You Mad?? Whats Wrong???).

When Again,, I Will Never *BE FAKE* While Hiding My Discontent, Cause Being FAKE, Just Like You’ve been. Is Something that only Hypocrites As Yourself, chose to do on a regular Basis! **ARE YOU NOT EMBARRASSED TO HAVE BEEN CALLED-OUT**
On Something That The Whole B G Community know is true? cause they have also followed all th negative Shit that you’ve been posting on my Forum Pages, & Comments. You Should GROW-UP,,, A GET A LIFE LITTLE ANGRY BOY!