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Yea, Bad joke I Guess,, But This Bad Joke Unfortunately Has A Lot Of Truth To It! So Read-On, If You Dare Brother. The Reason That I Said That a slut like that must’ve been a Daddy,s Little Girl,(If You Know What I Mean) was because my 1st. Wife was molested by her Dad but still kissed him, and sat on his lap when he came over like nothing was wrong. And All I Could Do was sit silently, and grind my teeth, and wanting so badly, to tear his fucking throat-out, with my bare hands.

Studies has shown that when Girls Get Molested by their Fathers, Like My First Wife Was, A Large percentage of them cannot stand them (And with Good Reason), and have them sent to prison. But A Smaller Percentage on the other hand, Still Love Their Dads, and go on living life as **The Most Sluttiest-Sluts** The World Has Ever Seen. Very True This Brother, Look it up. I Did After Getting Emotionally, and Financially Ruined Barely a year after Being Tricked Into Marrying This Whore After She Purposefully Got Impregnated by myself swearing that she forgot to take (A WHOLE MTS. WORTH) of her Birth Control Pills.

But Knowing Damn Well That Andre, And His “”Big Stupid Heart”” would Forgive And Forget (After All My Friends And Family) warned me about her)& After Almost Drowning in Her Cuntish, Slimy, & Evil *Crocodile-Tears* For Hours,i was almost forced into a Buckshot-Style-Wedding sort of speak. And cause i was in love, and i knew best,, at 19 years old I Got Fucked, And Good. So Dummy Me Off I Goes to a quick and cheap wedding, that was all set-up by her diddler father.

The Only Good Thing That Came-out of that mess, was the birth of my beautiful Son Matthew that she gave birth to like having one big fart, she was so fucking Loose I Love To Death, as i made sure that he would never turn-out like that weirdo family.