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Empty soul


“Much of what you say is true but the Chinese and Japanese traditionaly hate everyone including each other and even White people -gwailoh“.

I have lived in Hong Kong and Japan before and even have a few friends from mainland China whom I have known for years and so whereas what you say is true in the traditional sense it still ignores the social/racial hierarchy they have over there in current day.

The Chinese hate the Japanese and vice versa from a country to country standpoint but they still follow and borrow from each others cultures and interact with each other daily.

They have a nationalistic hate for each other nowadays rather than the racial one they had in the past.

It’s a bit like the relationship between the French and the English or the Irish and the English. Lots of historical bad blood going on but the racial hatred part is no longer there.

Its xenophobia then rather than racism. A bit like how the English hate the Eastern Europeans for moving en masse into England and competing them out of existence. It’s not a racial hatred.

The Japanese and Chinese are xenophobic towards everyone then but they hold real racial hatred towards black people.

They always refer to black people as monkeys and violent savages and call them “non-human“.

The Chinese and Japanese don’t love the whites but they have a respect for them and most don’t have a problem with whites interacting with them because they see it as a mutually beneficial relationship.

I have never met a Chinese or Japanese person however that would consider the nigger an equal. They absolutely loath them.

The Japanese, Chinese hierarchy then is them at the top, the whites underneath them but still near the top and the blacks right at the very bottom under every other thing on the planet.