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Empty soul


“All true! I would just like to add that when I was in Japan i noticed many Turk kebab-sellers which i found surprising“.

You must have been in Tokyo. There are quite a few foreign food sellers to be found in Tokyo. Mostly other East Asians but a few French chefs as well.

There are not that many Turks but the Turks that are there have a bad rep for rowdy violent behaviour and commit a lot of crime.

“Also ,i noticed many American Bkacks with Jap passports due to them being taken on by Jap baseball and basketball teams“.

Yep. That does happen and the Japanese people hate it.

They are not given official Japanese passports, hardly anyone gets one of those rare mythical unicorns, they are instead given temporary stay visas that have to be renewed every year.

It’s basically a form of buying sporting victories, something we British are the Kings of. Our best runner is Mo Farah who we bought from Somalia for example and our best female tennis player is Johanna Konta who we stole from the Australians who themselves pinched from Hungary.

The rich businessmen love this shit but the local populations hate it.

Most blacks in Japan though(the African ones not the American army kind) are located in Tokyo and are employed by the criminal elements and used as shakedown men and nightclub security.

I have bumped into them a few times myself. They speak barely any Japanese and use aggressive tactics to get you into clubs to spend money.

They get reported to the police a lot for their bullying behaviour and are hated by the local population. A number of them get done for drugging and raping women every year.

Some parts of Tokyo you just have to stay away from at night, too many Yakuza and their black thugs hanging around.

Shanghai is the same. The Chinese criminal elements there like to use blacks as thugs and shakedown men.