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Condemnation Before Investigation, Is A Sure Sign Of The Devils Deceiving Man With Evil Disinformation.
Seek Truth And Wisdom, Before Mocking Your Fellow Man, My Good Brothers As The Truth Will Set You Free! 🙁

It is never too late to trust your God-Given Natural Senses of,,, Sight,,, Sound,,, Touch,,, Feel,,, Smell,,, And Taste. And Your Gut-Feelings Are A Gift From God And Never Wrong. So Cast Your Ego’s Aside, And Truly Seek The Truth While Gaining Wisdom, as this Can Be Done With Ease If You Accept Gods Love, and Ask Him For Guidance.

Jesus Words,,, Father forgive Them FOR (“THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAYING/DOING”) are found in Luke 23:34. Jesus looked down from the cross upon a scene that must have been distressing to Him. The Roman soldiers were gambling for His clothing (John 19:23–24); the criminals on the crosses to either side of Him were reviling Him (Matthew 27:44); the religious leaders were (“MOCKING HIM”) (Matthew 27:41–43); and the crowd was Also Laughing While Some (“Spat On Him”) and,,, (“BLASPHEMING HIM”) (Matthew 27:39). Surrounded by this most “UNWORTHY LOT” Jesus prayed for them. “FATHER FORGIVE THEM” is a prayer of unmatched mercy and love.

#1- “What I Am Trying To do & Show You All, You’s Will “NOT REALIZE NOW,” but you will “UNDERSTAND HEREAFTER.”

#2- Wisdom Will Truly Enter Your heart, And The Knowledge Will Be So Pleasant To Your Soul, As It Was For Mine 🙂

#3- The Fear of the LORD/GOD is the Beginning of Knowledge,,, But Fools Despise Wisdom and Instruction. 🙁

According to the Genesis creation narrative, God created the firmament to separate the “waters above” the earth from the “waters below” the earth. The word is anglicized from the Latin firmamentum, which appears in the Vulgate, a late-4th-century Latin translation of the Bible.

May God Bless You All, while helping you’s gain the Necessary Knowledge courage, and Strength to You’s Gain Wisdom, As I Did, But Was “Only” Able To Do So With His Love, & Help.
And One Day Find Day You’s Will, See The Light Through The “Firmament” And This Peaceful Serenity, Will Shine Down Brightly Upon You’s

Your Loving
B G Brother
The-Dre 🙂