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Thanks for coming on here as The Educated Voice Of Reason. And As You Already Know,,, WE Have Both Spent The Better Part Of A Decade To Study,,, Research,,, And Do Experiments for Ourselves, Disproving this Impossible Globular Theory Altogether.

Ad this is why for myself,i find-it an insult to my intelligence when people think that I, or We I,m Safe To Assume, are looked at, and treated like one of them, when The Difference is that instead of speaking from the cuff the research has been done in order for us to have reached this conclusion.

And it bothers me, and so much so brother, cause the fact that they would Even *THINK* That Yourself, Or I, Would make such Assumptions Related To The Flat-Earth Alone, that it Speaks Volumes On What Kind Of Individuals they think we both are.

And Although I Already knew what the outcome would be if I Ever Decided To Go Public With The True Fact That Our Firmament-Covered Earth Is Indeed Flat, And knowing What weight it Would carry Upon my shoulders, I Still decided to go forward with-it knowing that it would be, and still believe today that it simply is,,, The Right Thing To Do.

And even With The Cold Negativity, and The Angry outbursts, that i have received from certain other members, God, And Yourself Svarg, have helped me enormously in keeping my head-up, and continuing my spreading of this Important message of truth to the masses.

And When you think that You Spent Over A Full Decade Attempting To Discover The Ultimate *TRUTH* That for (ALL OF US) Should be Of Paramount-Important in order to find-out what Our purpose in life is, who created us, and why, that At Least A Few Of Our Critics would show a little more respect For Us Both! 🙁

And Since My Close Call With Death 11 Years Ago, When I Had My *Major* Heart-Attach and hab my second strange, but beautiful, calm, and serene experience with God, And Angel, or A Divine Entity, my search began as to why Am I Here, Why Did God Save Me, And What Is My purpose in life After having just too many medical mishaps, and serious Accidents.

And Even Though, i keep,,,

#1- Being Constantly Looked Down Upon,
#2- I Am Constantly Being Ridiculed,,
#3- I Know That some members are E-Mailing Each other, and talking behind my back,,,
#4- Having These Same Individuals looking around and saying What??? like they do not know what they are doing to myself,,

Discouraging at it is someday s,,, GOD, and Yourself Give Me Hope, & Gets Me Thru it! 🙂