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What is this rubbish?
Kabballah is for Jews and Madonna and other foolish young starlets in Hollywood.No Man of a Science believes in Kabbalah!

It is like Astrology. Prove to me that a person’s personality and fate is determined by their birthdate and I will say sorry and apologise to you here.

What you have put up is what? Some rubbish put out by some lunatic fringe ,possibly-Jewish fool trying to marry Kabbalah and Science!Ha!

The word cabal and cabalists comes from Kabballah and rightfully means a group of secretive /malicious fools and malefactors. No self-respecting man or scientist would associate with such bullshit.They are to be ridiculed and /or exterminated.


Svarg may laugh but he who laughs vacuously laughs not!

How did svarg come to Australia from Norway? On the wings of angels?
Because you would need a tanker of fuel to get here by plane on the Flat Earth. Just saying. Snap out of this rubbish ,@svarg26!