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@thedre , I, ME, MYSELF, despite not going to Antarctica, did a long ass research on the subject… its a very special place… very well mapped, together with the night sky that I showed you previously it leaves me no doubt the sky revolves over it. I see the FLAT EARTHERS are not unanimous in anything they claim… I understand, despite the many videos, they don’t have a definitive map so if you agree with the map that I show you now… I can become a flat earther 🙂

HFN, according to the flat earth bible, the aurora is the sparks of the dome, or firmament, scratching against the surface of earth… 😛
Honestly @thedre according to Guinness… she is indeed the youngest PERSON to travel solo around the globe. VERY WELL DOCUMENTED, she did not get to go thru Antarctica, as she doesn’t need to, but even if you imagine the flat earth, that cunt did 27.000 nautical miles on it… @thedre, these fuckers on the conference above… all they need is a boat, NO ONE GONNA STOP THEM, instead they ask for money for elaborate stunts. That guy who flu on the rocket… its ridiculous! It would be smarter just to send the camera… in rockets every gram is important. Do you hate NASA @thedre?? I will hate NASA with you 🙂 Those Space shuttles were a terrible idea. Heavy, wasteful, dangerous, deadly, supper expensive, since the last shuttle blown up every astronaut, and cosmonaut 😉 went to the space station with the Russians. I think they put some people on the moon… if they did, dangerous expensive and dis-necessary. Robots, rockets and space stations, I showed you a video of the taikonauts… the problem with your “theory” @thedre is that EVERY NATION needs to be involved on it, and that can’t be. I don’t thick you need a boat… to accept the earth is round.